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Frequently Asked Questions/ TroubleShooting in SchoolPoint

Course Selection:

Ensure courses are all correct and RULES are in place for the courses BEFORE allowing students in to select the course.
For example: If students have selected had one option line for a course and picked this, then you have changed later on to use two timetable lines, it will not retrospectively update to the student's timetable after the course correction is made.

If a course is removed by an Administrator from a Student's selections, the "Remove from Course" button must also be clicked to remove the course from the total count for the Student's courses. This will then allow students/ administrator to select another course up to the student's limit required.

SAC Conferences:

Ensure that you select and allocate the rooms to staff during the creation of the Conference, or else the rooms are not pulled through to the "Manage Conferences" (front) screen to be able to see the rooms assigned to which staff at a glance.


I have the right permissions but cannot see a certain area when I log in?

- Ensure you have that module turned on. Settings => Modules => Enabled

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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