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Parent Portal Pages

In your Settings area you will see a menu item called "KAMAR Portal Connection".

KAMAR Portal Connection

You will be given a section of code that is customise to YOUR SCHOOL ONLY and should not be shared or used with other Schools.

Follow these instructions to connect a Single-Sign-On button on the portal that will authenticate Students/Caregivers from your Portal into SchoolPoint/ Bridge directly.

Installation of the Custom Page:

To create a single-login from your KAMAR Student/Parent portal you can set up the following code as a FULL Custom page.

On a typical windows server setup, this path will be: C:\inetpub\kamarwritable\custom_pages\full_page.
You can then name the file any name you like, or have more than one copy (Often: 'Course_selection.php' and 'Student_Voice.php', or 'SchoolPoint.php'). Please use the .php extension and use underscored for spaces. The KAMAR Portal will pick these up and switch them for spaces.

Once you have created your custom files, and copied the below code in, then you will need to log in to the Configuration for the portal, and enable them under the 'Navigation' section.

You can enable them for both unauthenticated, and authenticated users. This will mean if you are already logged in to the portal, you will be logged in to SchoolPoint, and guests can also follow the link.

Note: You will need file access to your KAMAR Portal server, you may need to pass this information on to your technician.

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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