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Export Assessments in bulk from KAMAR into Calendar

Export Assessments in bulk from KAMAR into the Calendar

There is now a feature which allows you to bulk export assessments from KAMAR via the Assessment Calendar. These will show on the calendar of the staff member assigned to the assessment/ subject, and also appear on the students' assessment calendar accordingly. Follow the instructions below as per the KAMAR screen shots in order to do this.

Firstly, in KAMAR with access to the Setup menu.

Setup => Subjects => Setups

Enter the year level that you want to export and then click the APPLY button.

Once your subjects show, click the grey ACTIONS button on the left and select EXPORT SUBJECT TOPICS from the Popup.
You may see a SPREADSHEET or EXPORT Button (Export is not available on the Web Direct KAMAR).

Upload this file with out opening or modifying it into SchoolPoint.

SchoolPoint => Settings => Assessment Calendar Settings => Import.

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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