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Assessment Calendar- All About It / Adding Assessments via Courses/ Google Classroom

In the Assessment Calendar Area of SchoolPoint, you can set up suggested assessments for the current year, for students and caregivers to see. There are numerous filters, and you can also toggle between calendar view and also list view.
An assessment can be added to an entire class, individual students, or now can exclude individual students.
Reminders can be set so they also appear on the student's assessment calendar.

You can also add approximate / suggested assessment dates via adding/ editing a course for the next assessment year.

Adding via COURSE for following year

The assessment calendar area does require permissions. If you have "Manage Assessment Calendar in Department" you can manage your own department's assessments, if you have "Manage Assessment Calendar" then you can access ALL areas and Daily Planner, and if you have "View ALL assessment calendar" you can view ALL but not make changes to other's assessments. The new setting "View all Assessment Calendar and NOT edit any" means they can't edit own either.

Assessment Calendar Permissions

Student View of Assessment Calendar

Google Classroom- Linking Assessments/ Assignments from Google to Assessment Calendar

There will be a function in late 2021, where staff in schools who use Google Classrooms, can #assessment in their class calendar of events, and this will push through to SchoolPoint and into their student's Assessment calendars.

Please ensure the settings are enable for this under Settings => Provider Settings (Google/ Microsoft) => Select "Google" for the provider => Select YES to allow staff to authorise a connection with SchoolPoint. When a staff member first logs in, they will be required to authenticate with Google, and then the #assessments will sync to SchoolPoint.

Provider Settings

Please note- this will then ask ALL staff logging into any module in SchoolPoint, to secure a connection with Google, in order to be able to do any actions in SchoolPoint!! It will only show once and ask them to do this once however. Once it is secured for all staff needing it, you can turn off again in the Provider settings

Go to Settings => Assessment Calendar Settings add the hashtag name for what you want to link through from Google Classroom to the Assessment Calendar. See below:

Labels for #

You will need to set up an ASSIGNMENT within your Google Classroom, which then allows the date and time of an #assessment to be added. Add the # into the instruction field not the body.
Note also- this will come through overnight when our servers run the request. It will not show immediately after adding the assessment.

There is a button you may notice in the "Assessment Calendar" area if you have permissions, called "Check Google Classroom" this was a requirement for us to connect with Google, but due to such large files to download, it will most likely timeout, so best to wait until over night for these to populate through to SchoolPoint.

We have now added the ability to change the colour of labels on assessments for different categories. You can also now choose what KAMAR events you want to show on your Student Calendar.

Settings => Assessment Calendar Settings => KAMAR Calendar Data.

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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