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Viewing Student Details via ADMIN Log In

Once your staff members log in, if they have the correct permissions they can search a student and view a summary of student details including the courses they have chosen, and results etc. There is no need to log in as the student to view these details, or add/remove the courses. The tabs displayed depend on the user's permissions but also the modules which are enabled on SchoolPoint.

Permissions to VIEW ONLY and not make changes, staff would need the following permissions:

Users => Permission Groups =>
"Search Students"
"See Students in Selected Courses"

Permission to VIEW and MODIFY student details:

Users => Permission Groups =>
" Search Students"
"See students in Selected Courses"
"MOVE Students from their Selected Courses"

FULL Administrators will have ALL permissions so will automatically be able to make all changes within the admin view for the student

Below is a summary of each of the tabs in the Admin View and what staff can do in each tab:


Details Tab- Admin View


Careers Tab admin view


Notes Tab admin view

Here you can view the student's selected courses (and with the right permissions- add or remove courses for them). You can lock the courses in so the student cannot delete them, and also switch to back up courses, A new feature is being able to 'Approve" on behalf of one of the caregivers as per the drop down box.
Exemptions are also visible here, and can be actioned. See more about the deleting/ removing and adding of courses HERE

This shows any open conferences, or previous conferences depending on the conference status in the admin. It will show time, day and also any sibling conferences also.

This tab shows any Extra- Curricular courses the student may have picked if these options are open, and date selected.

Extra-Curricular Tab- admin view

If there are current results available, you will see them in this list for the student, and their credits etc

Here you can view the student's whanau details

If you have the assessment calendar active with assessments then you can view the student's assessments here.

Here you can view your student's goal by year and update the notes accordingly.

If your students have the ability to bring their own devices or borrow from the school, they are able to register their devices under BYOD for insurance and recording purposes. Staff can add notes to this screen also and add a photo etc if need be.

BYOD Admin View

Here you can view the students career plan and print if needed.

This is a very important tab which shows all changes made and by whom for the year. Easy to track who made what changes where.

History Tab- admin view

Here shows a summary of the student's interests, career plan, teacher comments, and attendance.

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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