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Important Information to prepare for Course/ Subject Selection Go-Live- Previous Users

For new users, please visit this help guide HERE

Ensure you have checked the boxes you need to at your end, to make for a smooth experience for you, your staff, your students and your caregivers, by following these steps BEFORE opening up course selection for 2025.

Under Settings => Course Selection => Enable/ Disable Student Selection ensure each year level is switched to No- Selections cannot be adjusted, until you are ready for the students to start selecting, or you want to start testing.

Make sure that your compulsory courses (/Subjects) are set correctly. These are then added to students' selections automatically. Once they log in they are unable to remove them. However, if they are added after the students have already began selecting courses, these ones will not be enforced. Also, very important to check in-course (/Subject) rules such as prerequisites.
You can check these at a glance under Courses > List course details

It is also equally important to double check your Learning Area (/Faculty) rules- minimums and maximums for students to select from each Learning Area (/Faculty), Learning Areas > Edit > Rules

Under Settings > Course Selection Settings, ensure the first drop down option is selected for the year the students are SELECTING for.  This is important to ensure that the right year level courses show for the right student's year level. So currently for next year, choose 2025.

Under Settings > Enable/ Disable Student Selection , ensure each year level has the right amount of required courses to be able to choose. These required courses also take into account the compulsory or required courses already selected for the students, so just bear this in mind.

Go to Settings > Administration, and under Student DATA & Selections click the DELETE button to clear out/ reset all out of the selections that may have been made by staff when testing/ setting up courses/ and previous years selections as they will already have been imported back to KAMAR.

Go to the Settings > General Settings, and check through ALL the setting options (either in the left Menu or the Squares) to ensure all settings are how you want them and they display to students how you want them to, and ensure the display labels and messages read correctly and consistently as many of the message labels are customisable.

Then, go to Settings > Student Navigation and make sure all the "Pages" are selected depending on year level that you want to show the student when they log in. For example, if you have "Useful Information" unchecked for all year levels, Students will not be able to see or access these pages. These menu items are customisable here also. If your students are using the SchoolBridge dashboard to log in, then ensure your dashboard icons through to course selection are enabled.

You may choose to change HoD/ HoFs permissions to allow "view only" for their courses so they don't go changing them once all set up and ready to go- up to you though if this may be an issue. Users > Permission Groups > turn on/ off permissions.

Turn on the course selection under Settings > Enable/ Disable Student Selection, for the year level you want, to be able to select courses momentarily, and log in one more time as a student to double check they can see everything you want their year level to be able to see.

Turn OFF course selection again by year level and in this area, until you are ready for your go-live time and date.

Once these checks have been done you can allow students/ caregivers to log in by going Settings => General Settings => and click the box for "Allow Students/Caregiver to login" You may also choose for "Browsing of learning areas and courses without being logged in " (public).

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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