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Useful Reports and Exports (extensive)

Reports and Exports

Reports => Reports Overview => Choose a Report

Reports are dependant on permissions. If you are a Tutor/ Form/ Ako teacher you will have access to your own class reports regardless of permissions.

Reports- Overview

SchoolPoint has a large range of reports which you can generate via PDF, CSV and Excel. These reports can be used to see at a glance, in descending order:
You can now favourite you most used reports which is quite useful as there are so many!

Details such as approval notes, dates selected / removed.
All student information
Student information and course codes
Student list and how many courses selected
Students who have "Marked Courses Complete" in course selection
Student selections with HoD Approval
Student selections NOT approved by HoD
Export removed courses (removed by staff once selected)
Selections with "Note Requirements"
Basic course details
Course Summary
Equipment/ Stationary report
Leaving Destinations
Student count by course, excluding removed students
Exemption Reports
Export pending exemption requests
Archived exemptions
ALL archived AND Pending
Display ALL TT year exemption requests on screen

Course Exemption Requests
Export Pending Exemption requests
Export Archived Exemption requests
Export All Pending and Archived Exemption requests
Display ALL 2021 Exemption requests on screen.

If you allow your students to select courses and define the timetable lines the courses fall on, you can:
Export Course Timetable Line Selection
Export Line selections List
Print line selections list
This is good to see who has done this or still needs to do it.

Course Movement Export
This report is good for seeing how many students have selected courses in SchoolPoint against how many actual students in KAMAR.

Student Course Count Export
This indicates how many courses students have selected and how many they should have selected and how many back ups (if required)

Student Notes
Export all career notes that students have entered this timetable year

Detailed Export by Year Level
Each year level can be exported into 4 reports:

All students and all course selections on their own line
Students with all their courses on one line per student
Students with all of their courses on one line per student, including exemption requests per subject
All students with their courses on row line, per student

Detailed Export by Tutor Class
Here you can export your tutor class if you are a tutor/form teacher. If you have the permission of the Teacher In Charge of courses, you can access this reports screen regardless but possibly not all the reports.

Exports and Reports NOT under the Reports area

If you have the SchoolPoint Careers Module enabled (additional- contact us for more information) you can export left students and student leaving intentions

Careers => Leaving Intentions Information => Export as CSV
Careers => Left/ Leaver Information => Export as CSV

Export Students Within a Course

You can go into a course and see which students have selected the course, and export this information as well as details such as House group, priority of selection (if enabled), year level, form class of each student and date selected.

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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