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📺 How to Sync Staff & Student Photos

Every year, at the start of each year, you will need to resend all the photos through to SchoolPoint for the staff and students. This will update new staff and students accordingly. Please note, you will need the permissions in KAMAR to access and update these.

Open KAMAR and click the Setup menu > Server and then Directory services from the options on the left
Then click on the entry for SchoolPoint
This entry might be named “SchoolBridge” or “InboxDesign” but you can verify that you are editing the correct entry by verifying that the address listed is
To to re-sync your photos, Under Students, click on the tick box next to photos
Make sure Include photos is ticked and then click on “Send All”
Then Click OK
Repeat the same steps under Staff
Once you have done that, click the Run Now BUTTON
Then click the Update button
Now your photos will begin to transfer. Please give this process 24 hours to complete.

If your staff photo is showing incorrectly- possibly a previous user who may have had the same staff code- You can delete the photo and allow the new one to sync through.
Navigate to Users > KAMAR Staff sync and "delete photo" :

Delete individual Staff photo

Updated on: 11/09/2023

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