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Via the administration, you can search up jobs then add students to those job groups. Likewise you can search the job and remove the student(s) from the job choice. A column shows you the most popular jobs at you school and who has selected these, as well as a comparison of all our schools and how many students overall have favourited those jobs.

Career Research- Admin view

Once you click into a job, you can view all about it, as provided via Career NZ website. You can see who has selected that job and then select options such as adding those students to a Career Group, message or remove the student from that job choice.

Career Research - Admin View of Selected Job

The student view - below- shows how they can go and search jobs. view favourited jobs and most popular at any time. These labels for the student are all customisable to suit your school
Settings > Student Navigation

Careers Research- Student View

Updated on: 11/09/2023

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