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📺 Working With Student Forms (Self-Start)

Working with Self-Start Student and Caregiver Forms

Self start forms work in a similar way to permission slips except that they are not ‘sent’. When students and caregivers sign in to SchoolBridge click on “Permission Slips & Forms”, they will also see a button ‘Start Form’ that allows them to start and submit a selection of forms that have been made available to them.

Creating and Setting Options
Creating a self-start form is similar to creating a permission slip except for a few key differences.

The due date and event can be treated a little differently. In terms of a self start form you can think of these dates as setting the length of time you want to make the form available for

For example, if you wanted to offer your caregivers a ‘Student Driver’ form to allow a student to drive their own car to school, you might have the form open from February to December to allow the caregiver to submit the form to you at any time during the year. To accomplish this just set the due date and the ‘Event Date to the same day. Since self start forms are not sent to users you can ignore the auto-reminder setting.

The only other setting that is different is the ‘Type’ setting. Make sure this setting is set to ‘Student Form’.

When you are ready to allow access to the form, you can click the ‘Activate’ button from the main status page. Once the form is active, users can find it via the ‘Start Form’ button or by adding the form as an icon on the dashboard. As users action the form, their submissions will appear in the list on submission listing view.

Submission notification Email
The staff member who is set in the options as the ‘Staff member responsible’ will also receive a daily email notification alerting them to any new submissions of the form.

Updated on: 06/10/2022

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