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Quick Tip: Absence reporting in SchoolBridge

Absence reporting in SchoolBridge makes it easy for caregivers to securely submit absences. For administrators, it removes the drudgery of getting absence reports into KAMAR.

To submit an absence for a student, caregivers simply log into SchoolBridge and click the dashboard link.

Caregivers can quickly and securely submit absences

Because caregivers are required to login using their credentials, you know that the report is authentic. It also sends the caregivers an email copy of their submitted absence report they have completed.

Absence Administrators

Administrators have an easy up-to-the-minute overview of all of the submitted absences and they can generate an import file for the KAMAR absence manager at any time.

In KAMAR admins only have a few clicks to get all the data imported:

To enable SchoolBridge absence reporting for your school, you only need to add a dashboard icon for staff and one for caregivers. There are separate permission settings for the absence report area, so you can give access to this view to only the staff members that need it.

Updated on: 11/04/2024

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