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Using Contact Forms

SchoolSite Contact Forms

You can use the Contact Forms feature in SchoolSite to create forms to gather information from anyone that visits your website. Possible uses include: General Contact forms, international student enrolment forms, alumni contact and more.

Who can submit a contact form?
SchoolSite Contact forms are submittable by anyone that visits your website. You can also make the form private by adding a password to the page it is or or by adding the form to an orphan page

What can a form collect?
Forms can gather any kind of data including file uploads. 

What happens to the submitted information?
When someone submits a form data they enter into the form is saved in to create an archive of all submitted information that you can refer to at any time. You can view the submitted information by clicking on Submitted Contacts

Email Copies
For each form that you create you can set options to send email copies of the submitted form to both the submitter as well as anyone on your administration team. In addition to the email you can also choose to send a PDF copy of the submitted form to your admin team.

Creating a form

Sign in to SchoolSite and from the side bar click Contact Forms and then Click the Create Form button.

Creating a new form

Contact Form Settings

Now you need to set the options for your form

Form Name
Give the form a name that reflects its purpose i.e. “International Contact Form” or “Open Day Registration”.

Enter a description as to the purpose off the form.

Make this form Active
Use this switch to turn the form off and on. If the form is inactive it will not display on the page.

Target Page After Submit
Enter the address of the page you want to send the user to after they submit the form. Usually this would be a “Thank You” page with a with any additional message you want to show the user. You can create a thank you pages by creating an orphan page

Receipt Subject
Enter the subject for the email receipt received by the submitter

Receipt Greeting
Enter the greeting that will display on the email receipt received by the submitter

Admin Email 
Enter the email address of the administration or staff member you want to receive the emails of the submitted form. You can add multiple addresses separated by a comma.

Admin Subject
Enter the subject for the email received by your admin staff.

Admin Greeting
Enter the greeting that will display on the email receipt received by the admin

Include Submission PDF In Admin Notification
Set this switch to on (blue) to include a pdf copy of the submitted form with the email that goes to your admin team.

Disable Admin Notification
If you prefer not to send the administrator notification, slide this switch to on (blue)

Once you have set these options click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen.

Building the Form

The next step is to build the form that you want to use to collect the information you need. When creating a new form, you first see the default form that includes several form fields that every form must contain. The required form fields are: First Name, Last Name & Email. Other than those required fields you can add any number of fields that you need as well as rearrange the fields into any layout you need.

For an in-depth tutorial on using the form builder CLICK HERE.

Adding the Form to the Website

Every form that is created is assigned an ID number that you can use to insert the form into any page on your website.

To find the form’s ID code, scroll to the top of the edit page. The code will look like this: [contact_form|58] 

Form ID Code

You can also find the form ID code in the main list of forms:

Form ID

Now you need to decide which page on your website you want to add the form to. You can add the form to any existing page or you can create a new page to add it to.

To insert the form into a page, copy the Form ID Code and the paste it into the text of the page where you want it to display. Wherever you paste the code is where the form will be injected. 

Inserting the form ID code

After you insert the code, click the Apply Changes button.

IMPORTANT: To view the form as it will look to users of your website you must view the public view of your website. When you are editing the page that contains your form, you will only see the Form ID code.

Viewing Submissions

Once your form is published visitors to your site can start using it to submit information to you. If you have set the option to email submissions to your admin staff, your team will receive an email each time the form is submitted.

You can also view submissions in SchoolSite by signing in and clicking on Contact Forms and then click in the number in the submissions column.

Viewing Submissions

Updated on: 16/03/2023

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