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SchoolSite Alert Banners

With SchoolSite, you can set up an Alert Message/banner across the screens on your site for any purpose. They are designed mostly for lock downs and drills etc can used mainly for things like reminders of teacher only days, early finish days/enrolments opening, and other general reminders. Once this is set, it will also display across the dashboards in SchoolBridge.

Log in to your administration area. If you have the permission to "Manage Alerts" then you can set up and create new alerts.

Navigate to the "Alert Message" area top left menu. Click the "Manage Templates" drop down to be able to see a list of default templates. Here you can create and save your own templates for future use. You can also choose where to display the alert- along the top, the bottom or a full screen block out. For the top and bottom it depends where it sits best on your website. If it is along the top, it will push the navigation down so as not to block the menu access.

Create and Edit Templates to save

Create a new template to save

Please note, the DEFAULT templates cannot be edited for permanent use as they are the default library of templates for all schools to use. The can be customised for the one time use however, under "Activate New Alert".

To set the alert once you know what template you care going to use, navigate to "Activate New Alert". Here you can customise ALL the templates, but for the ONE use only, or just click on one, and click SAVE ALERT down the bottom, or ALERT MESSAGE at the top left, and it will instantly display on your site.
You can just have a one line of text, or fill the alert message body of text for a "Click for more information" option to add more detail.

Click on any to activate the alert within

Activate the Alert

Alert Display on LIVE Site

When the alert message is enabled, you can tell on this page. REMOVE the alert on the left side of the menu as below, or click the clear/ reset alert button.

Remove the alert

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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