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The 'Manage News' option in the Site Tools menu, is a special content area that allows you to separate up-to the minute content from the 'foundation' (content that doesn't change very often) content of your site. This allows you to add quick news update to your site without fit it into the existing structure of your site.

News articles can be a feature rich as regular content and include images, image galleries, embedded videos and links pdf files.

Using this feature also lets you to use our E-Newsletter Site extra, that allows you to send email newsletter using your existing news content, so you don't need repeat effort. Click here for more information.

Managing and Creating News Articles

Managing and creating news articles is very similar to regular content, only all content is organised into one section ('News'). 

When you click 'Manage News' from the main menu, you will see a list of all of the existing articles. This view works exactly the same as the main 'Site Content' (click for info). 

Creating a New Article

To create a new page click the 'Create New Page' button. 

Deleting an Article

To delete an article, you must first set it's status to 'inactive'. Then the 'Delete Permanently' option is available. Setting an article to 'inactive' removes it from view of site users (effectively turns it 'off').

Please note, the video displayed is currently our previous content management system, we will be updating the videos to the show the new look content management system soon. The functions are very similar however.

Updated on: 16/03/2022

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