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Staff Login with different email addresses

When a staff member signs in, we match the email returned from both Google or Microsoft against the 'school email' field in your Student Management System.

KAMAR Schools:

There are three email fields that KAMAR Schools send to us and we then use to validation an active staff member against;

School Email
Google Email
Microsoft Email

Please note: We do not, and can not match against KAMAR's email address.

Wonde/Other Schools:

Wonde only provides the one school email field, in our 'Staff Details' section we allow schools to adjust other fields that are not automatically provided.
You can specify google and microsoft email values inside of SchoolBridge.

Using Multiple providers:

If your school uses both Google and Microsoft, often they will have different email addresses, you can enter both against these and then staff can use either service to login.

Changing Staff Names and Email Addresses:

These labels are arbitrary, and do not necessarily need to be google or microsoft emails. For example, if a staff member changes their name, you may change their school email to their new naming convention, and move their old email address in to either the google or microsoft email fields.
This will mean that if the school Technician does not set the new email to the primary account, google/microsoft may still return the old account.

KAMAR Schools:

3 Email fields in KAMAR

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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