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Staff Listing

Staff Listing

 The SchoolSite Staff listing feature automatically creates a staff contact list of your school’s staff by using the departments and staff information contained in your school’s SMS (KAMAR).

You can control which departments display, which staff display in those departments, as well as what details show for each staff member. The controls for adjusting how the staff list displays are found in the SchoolSite administration menu under Site Extras > Staff Listings.

Importing Staff Data

The first step to using the system is to import the data from your SMS. This has likely already been done as part of setting up your website, but you may need to re-import the data from time to time as staff change.

To import staff department data, click the KAMAR Sync option in the menu and then click the ‘Run Sync’ button.

When you click the ‘Run Sync’ button any new department staff will get imported and the previous data will remain the same.

If you have had significant staff changes since the last time the data was imported, it may be a better option to clear the data and then re-import, otherwise you may need to manually change many records.

Staff Listing > KAMAR Sync

Display Settings

The setting panel allows you to control different options as to what staff information shows in the listing and depending on the design of your site how the list is displayed. Be sure to click ‘Update’ if you change any of the settings.

Staff Listings > Settings

Profile Picture - Show that staff photo stored in the SMS
Layout - These are various templates used to display the list, but for most sites you will want to keep it on “List” to maintain mobile derive friendly layout.
Columns - Another display option but not used if the layout setting is ‘List’.
Email - Show or hide the staff email address and options if you prefer to direct users to a single contact form.
KAMAR Role - Show or hide the staff role as set in KAMAR.
KAMAR Position - Show or hide the staff position as set in KAMAR.
Editable Position - SchoolSite gives you the option to override the position by editing each staff member’s details and this setting controls that.
Contact Page URL - if you wish to not use individual staff email addresses and direct users to a single contact form, set the URL path to that page here.
Mobile Phone - Show or hide the staff members mobile phone numbers
Extension - Show or hide the extension of the staff member’s school telephone.


This area allows you you choose which departments to display and arrange their order.  

Staff Listings > Departments

The description option is usually not used and will only display if your site is designed to display that information.

Staff Listings > Edit Departments

Staff List

The staff list page allows you to set which staff display in which departments. It also gives you access to edit the detailed information for each staff member. 

Staff Listings > Staff List

 To edit the detail information for a staff members click ‘Edit’ beside that staff member

Staff Listings > Edit/ Update Staff Member

Status - Use to hide or show a staff member in this department.
Name - use this to adjust the spelling of the staff member’s name.
Email -change the staff members email address
Position - Change the overall position title for the staff member.
Extension - Change the tele extension
Mobile - Change the mobile phone number displayed.
Department Settings - These settings change the information displayed for the staff member in this department.
Position in [department name] - The position of the staff member as displayed in this department.
Role - Role as displayed in department
Hidden from Department - Use this setting to hide the user from this department.

Updated on: 15/03/2022

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