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SchoolBridge Staff Planner

The Staff Planner in SchoolBridge is great tool that allows staff to plan and record notes that relate directly to their timetable of scheduled classes.


In order to start using the Staff Planner we need to receive a week schedule of your school that indicates the starting and end time of each period for every day of the week. For example:

Schedule Example

Please email your schedule with the subject of “Staff Planner Setup for [name of your school].

Once we receive your week schedule we will add it to your SchoolBridge configuration and send you an email to notify you that this is complete.

Adding the Dashboard Icon

The next step is to add the icon for the Staff planner to the dashboard so staff can use it.

Go to Settings > Dashboards > Staff View
Click + ADD (the last icon tile)
Choose Staff Planner from the SchoolBridge links section
Click Save

Adding the Icon

Linking Your Time Table

Each staff member who wants to use the planner will need to add the link to their timetable. This link is found in KAMAR

In KAMAR go to Teachers > Details
Search in the list and find your listing and click on your name
Click on Calendar Subscription and then click on Copy to copy the link address.

Getting the timetable link from KAMAR

Switch to SchoolBridge and click on the dashboard icon for Staff Planner
In the upper right hand corner click on the gear icon.
Paste the link to the field for KAMAR ICS feed and click Refresh

Adding the link

Using the Staff Planner

Once the feed is added you will see your timetabled classes added to your week schedule.

Clicking the calendar icon will display events from the school Calendar.

Staff can click on any class or empty slot in the calendar to enter notes.

Adding Notes

When editing you can also assign a colour to organise your notes into categories

Editing notes and adding colours

Updated on: 13/06/2023

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