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SchoolBridge Digital ID Cards

This feature displays a digital student card that allows you to replace printed ID cards. The cards displays the student’s name, photo, student ID number, year level and class, as well as a barcode that when scanned outputs the students ID number.

Student ID Card

Flags - Tapping the flip icon will reveal the back of the card which can display flags that can be used to grant special privileges or denote other information about the student. Your team can create as many flags as needed and can assign and remove them from students at any time.

Student ID Flags

Staff ID Card - This feature displays a digital ID card for staff. The card displays the staff member's name, photo and staff code.

Staff ID Card

Student ID Card Scanning & Student Lookup

The staff version of the app also includes the ability to scan student ID cards to display information about the student and check their assigned flags.

The scanning function is invoked by tapping the red barcode-scan icon that hovers above the dashboard.

Tap the icon to scan an ID card or manually look up student by ID number

In addition to the flags, the information that displays for the student includes their email address, tutor class, as well as name names and contact details of their caregivers and emergency contacts.

Staff can also manually look up a student's information by invoking the scanner and typing in a student ID number.

Student information shown after scan or look up

Setting Up Flags

Creating and Adding Flags
Creating and adding flags is done in SchoolPoint. If your school does not use SchoolPoint you can still use this feature, although your account will need permission to edit the settings in SchoolPoint. Contact Inbox Design if you need help with your account permissions.

In SchoolBridge click Settings and then click Manage Staff Permissions. This is a shortcut that will take you to SchoolPoint. From the menu on the left, click Settings ( you may have to scroll this menu).

In the Settings menu scroll down and click the option Student Flags.

Creating Student Flags

At the top Student flags Settings page you will see a list of any existing flags. Each flag has several attributes:

Name - The name of the flag as it appears on the app Student ID card.

Notes - these notes decide the flag for your team and are not shown to students.

Text Colour - The colour of the text inside the flag.

Background Colour - The background fold of the flag.

Assigned students -The number displayed here indicated how many student are currently assigned the flag. You can get a list (csv) of the student assigned to the flag by clicking the Export button.

To make a change to an existing flag, change the tribute and then click the Save Changes button.

Deleting a Flag - You can delete a flag by clicking the delete button, but be aware that deleting a flag flag will remove it from all students assigned and you can not recover the previous list of students.

Creating a New Flag
To create a new flag enter the appropriate values in the last empty row and then click the Save Changes button.

Adding Flags
Adding flags to student ID cards is also done in SchoolPoint.

Scroll to the top of the SchoolPoint left-side menu and click the second option Search Students.
This will produce a search window where you can enter the studs name or student number and click Search
Click the name of the student you search for and an information page for the student will appear.
Along the top of the page you will see rows of options starting with Details and ending in History. Click Student Flags (2nd to last)
On this page you will see a list of all flags currently assigned to the student.
To add a flag click the Add Flag button.
To remove a flag click the Remove button.

Adding flags to a student

Enable Digital ID Cards

To make the ID card available in the app for students and staff, you need to add an icon for it to the dashboard. Student s can also access the ID card from the ‘More..” option in the bottom menu, but adding an icon to the dashboard makes the card easier to access.

Disable Digital ID Cards

If you prefer to not to use the digital ID card, you can disable it for your school in the SchoolBridge settings in the App Settings area. Also make sure that you also remove the ID card icons from the student and staff app dashboards.

Updated on: 16/04/2023

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