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📺 Permission Slips: Sending Reminders

Sending Reminders

If you have created a form with a due date and you are getting close to the cut-off date, it is easy to send reminders to the recipients that have not yet responded. As you can send reminders to recipients regardless of the status of their permission slip, you can use this feature to send updates and additional information to the recipients at any time.

Automatic Reminders
You can have reminders sent automatically but setting this option in the permission slip options. Setting this options will send a reminder notification to your recipients 48 hours before your due date.

Sending Reminders Manually
You can also send reminders at any time from the permission slip status view.

Manually sent reminders also allow you to add an additional note to provide additional information to recipients in addition to your original description and event letter.

From the ‘Email Actions’ menu you have an array of options that quickly lets you choose who gets sent a reminder based on the current status of their permission slip.

The ‘Selected’ option allows you to choose the recipients manually by clicking the tick boxes or by using the filter options to select groups of recipients based on year level, groups, class and more.

Once you have filter the list of recipients, tick the top most select box to select them all and then choose the ‘Selected’ option from the ‘'Email Actions' menu.

This will invoke a verification screen where you can add an additional notes to the recipient informing them that the due date is close and to please action the form.

Updated on: 14/04/2023

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