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Please note, the video displayed is currently our previous content management system, we will be updating the videos to the show the new look content management system soon. The functions are very similar however.

Create a New Redirect 
To create a new redirect simply enter the existing page Permalink (URL) for the page that you want to re-direct in the 'Old Page Url'.

An easy way to find the Permalink URL that you are looking for is to go to Site Tools > Site Content, find the page and copy the value in the 'Permalink' column in the list of pages.

Then you enter the URL of the target page in the the 'New Page URL'. Note that this value can also be external url. Keep in mind that if you are re-directly in an external resource, you must use the full URL.

For example:

will work, but 


will not work, as it will target your site.

Another example allows you to re-direct to an external file

After you have entered both values, click the 'Save Redirect' button and the redirect will be saved, become active and be added to the list of existing redirect below.

Existing Redirects

If you need to change an existing redirect, make whatever changed are necessary and then click the 'Save Changes' button at the top of the list.

To delete a redirect, click the 'Delete' button at the end of the row. Should you delete a redirect by mistake, you can always recreate it using the create function above.

Updated on: 16/03/2022

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