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Ka Pai Rewards System (PB4L) - All about it

Within SchoolBridge we now have a product called Ka Pai Rewards. This is our version of the PB4L rewards system many schools implement. The name of this system is fully customisable to suit your school.

All staff have access to the Ka Pai rewards system, but a certain permission is needed (set within SchoolPoint) to be able to set up the rewards system, or access the rewards store to redeem on behalf of students.

Rewards- Staff Permissions required

If you sign in as a staff member, you will see your school's rewards tile icon. Click this to enter the rewards system.

Rewards System dashboard icon

From here, navigate to Categories, to set up your category names- essentially these are what the reward is given for. Here you also set how many points each category is worth. Some schools have one, some have many, such as the example:

Set up initial categories for rewards

The dashboard view shows the categories you have set up, and the 'House Summary" list is what is set in your KAMAR groups.

Dashboard Overview

Your Student Rewards tab, shows a list of all students. Here you can award via searching for the student. There is currently a "deduct" button but not many schools use this feature with the rewards system. You can also use the check boxes to bulk reward students in the list.

View student list and search students to bulk reward

Once you have awarded points, you can CONFIRM and this will send a push notification to the student and caregiver if they have the SchoolBridge App. You can also add notes to the students and caregivers in this screen.

Student/ Caregiver Push Notification via SchoolBridge App

When your students log on through your portal, or your then they will seethe rewards tile icon on their dashboard. Clicking it will take them to view their points:

Rewards- Student View

The student can also click on STORE and see what they could redeem their reward points for. The staff with the permission to set up the store has access to also redeem these on behalf of the student.

Student View- Rewards Store (example products)

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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