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How to Reset a Permission Slip

Sometimes you may run into a situation where the recipient of a permission slip has entered incorrect information into the form or needs to make some other change. In SchoolBridge you can do this in two ways.

First you can reset a permission slip on a case-by-case basis when a recipient contacts you to say they need to make a change on their form or approval decision for a form they have already submitted. To reset an individual form, you can use the search option to search for the name or student ID of the student. Then Click the Options '...' menu in the last column and then select “Reset Decision”

Doing this changes the status of the slip to “Saved” and will remove the recipients approval decision and unlock the form to allow the recipient to make changes.

It will also send the recipient a notification that this action has been taken and invite them to re-submit the form."
Once they have made the necessary changes they must re-approve and submit the form. They will have the option to decline it.

Overall Setting

There is also an overall setting that will allow all recipients to alter the information on the form at any time during the duration that it is open. This option does not allow them to change the approval status.

This option is set in the permission slip options and can be changed at any time if you need to give edit access to the form to all recipients.

If you need to reset the form for a large group of recipients so they have the option of re-approving the form, it is a better option to create a new permission slip.

Updated on: 16/04/2023

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