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Adding PDF Files

Adding pdf's to your website is a common task and SchoolSite makes it easy.

File Size

Before you upload your PDF, check its file size. PDFs files uploaded to SchoolSite must be 10 MB or less.

To check your pdf file size right click on it and choose Properties or on the Mac choose Get info

Check the file size

If your PDF file is too large to upload, you can try to reduce the file size by using the Optimise feature in Adobe Acrobat, or another tool (Google “Make PDF smaller” for online options)

Uploading PDFs

From the sidebar SchoolSite Site tools, click ‘**Images & Pdfs**”.

It is a good idea to keep your files organised, so create a folder by clicking the New Folder option at the top of the screen. Name your new folder and then click it to go inside of it.

Adding a folder to Images & Pdfs

Uploading Files
There are two ways to upload the pdf files.

First, you can click the +Upload option at the top of the screen. This will open your computer’s file file browser where you can then choose the files you want to upload.

You can select more than one file to upload by holding down the shift or option/command key to select multiple files. Once you have selected the files click the upload button.

Drag & Drop
You can also upload files by dragging them to the area above the file folder outlined with a dotted line.

Now that you have uploaded your files you can add them to a page in your website. From the side bar, under Site Tools choose All content and then choose the page that you want to insert the pdfs into Edit Content.

Choosing the Content Block

In order to insert the pdfs you first need to insert a content block or you can use an existing one. In most cases you will want to use the standard content block that provides you with a section title and area for paragraph text.

Once you have your content block, use your mouse the insert your cursor where you would like the pdf links to be inserted within the paragraph area of the content block.

Then from the menu above , click on the paperclip icon (Insert Link) and then click the Folder icon (Link Files). The Link File option will present you with a range of style options for how your link will display:

Link Style options

Insert as List
Inserts links to your pdfs formatted as a simple list with each link on a separate line.

Insert as Bulleted List
This inserts links to your pdfs formatted as a bulleted list

Insert a List of Buttons (Primary Style)
Inserts links to your pdfs styled as clickable buttons

Insert as List of Buttons (Alt Style)
Inserts links to your pdfs styled as clickable buttons in an alternate style

Insert as Grid with Thumbnails (2-6 Columns)
Inserts a grid of thumbnail images of the covers of each pdf in six columns

When using the thumbnail options, the system will insert an image of the first page of your pdf and insert the file name under the image. If you are inserting a single PDF and you want to use this option you can use the 2 column option and then resize the thumbnail image as needed.

Choosing your Files

Once you have chosen how you want the links to display, you need to choose the PDF files you want to add. A window will appear that displays the same view of folders that you see in** Images & PDFs. Choose the folder you uploaded your images to and select the files you want to use.

Choosing PDF files to upload

If you change your mind or need to start again, just delete the links that were inserted (drag over them with your mouse to select) and repeat the insert again.

By default, the link to the PDF will be inserted as the name of the PDF file. Often it is better to add a more descriptive title as well an action statement such as Click Here to Download the Brochure. To change the link text, click within the text that has been added and change as needed.

Flip Book View Option

By default when a user clicks a link to a pdf, their brewers will download it and display it in the browser. Each browser will display pdfs differently and users can also set preferences that cause the brewers to display the pdf in various ways or save the pdf as a file on their computer.

There is also an option to force the pdf to display as a “Flip Book”. When you use this option, the pdf fill the users entire screen and then is presented as a book with pages that turn as the user clicks the forward and backward buttons.

Any PDF link that you add can be set to display that way.

To do this first add the pdf link in the style that your prefer and then click on the link text. Pop-up menu will appear, click the style option menu (second from left) and the flip book option is the last option.

Adding the flip-book option

If you have inserted the PDF link as an image, you must add the flip book option to the link text that displays under the image.

Updated on: 04/04/2023

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