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Activity Registrations- Settings and Managing Registrations

The Activity Registrations Site Extra, enables your school to organise registration and payment for extra curricular activities. You can create an unlimited number activities and organise them into categories to give you flexibility as to how the registrations display on your site. For example, you could have a separate page where you list sport registrations and another section where you list art classes etc. All student and caregiver information is checked against your existing KAMAR data, so no extra work is required to connect with your community.

For each activity you can add a description, attach an image and set terms and conditions for the activity which much be agreed to before registration.

You can also limit which activities students have access to by year level. Year levels are verified by your school's KAMAR data.

When a student registers for an activity, a confirmation email OR SMS text message is sent to their caregiver, whereupon they are asked to click a link that gives permission for the for the student to register for the activity. Caregivers login with their KAMAR account to give their approval which they can do directly from their phone.

For caregivers that forget to respond to the initial approval request, additional reminder emails and text messages can be sent with the click of a button.

For each activity you can export a report listing the registrations and whether the student's caregiver has given their permission. 

Before you begin setting up your activities it's helpful to gather all of the pertinent information for each activity including the description and the terms and conditions. In the description be sure to note an contact email address of the person organising the activity in case someone has questions and also to state any activity fees.

Activity Registrations Extra User Guide

Note: before you begin using the Activity Registrations Extra you must complete the all of the settings in the settings section


Notification From Email 
Email address of the person overseeing activity registrations. Emails sent to parents and caregivers will come from this address.

Student Confirmation Email 
Enter the text to display in the email to the student registering for the activity.


Thank you for registering for this activity.

Please read and confirm the below information click the Acceptance link below

Caregiver Confirmation email*
Enter the text to display in the email to caregiver of the student registering for the activity.


Your child has registered for the following activity.

Please read and confirm the below information and click the acceptance link below.

NOTE: If you have the setting on to allow Caregiver confirmation emails to go back to Admin, and an Admin user MANUALLY changes the "Parent Approval Status" button to Caregiver Approved, the Admin will NOT get a confirmation email. This is because the button for the caregiver to approve will disappear once admin have changed the status.

Summary Privacy/Terms *

Enter the over-all terms and conditions. If you have these in a external document you can also provide a download link. 


Please read our Code of Conduct before completing your registration.

Please click here to read the terms: [link]

No Active Activities Message *

If there are no activities that are active the message you enter here will display on your website


Thank you for your interest. There are no activities open for registration currently.

Please contact the sports office if you have any questions.

Registration Closed Message *

When an activity is closed for registration the and a users views its listing on your site the message you enter here will display.

Thank you for your interest. Registration is currently closed.



The activities view lists each activity and its current status. 


Visible and Open for Registration
Visible but Registrations are CLOSED
Hidden (does not display on website but allows you to keep the activity in the system for future use)

Click the 'Edit' button to change the status of an activity or edit its details.
Click 'Create Activity' to create a new activity.

Creating Activities

Activity Name
Name of the activity. If activity is restricted to a certain year level, it's good practice to add it to the name.

Feature Image
Here you can attach an image representative of the activity that will display on the the registration page.

Choose the category for the activity.

Status *
This sets the status you for the activity. 

Years Visible for*
Here you can restrict registration for the activity by year level. When student logs in to register, the system checks their year level as it is set in KAMAR.

Enter a detailed description for the activity. Your description can include images and links to down-loadable files etc. Be sure to include any extra costs or contact details if necessary. 

Terms and Conditions
Enter the terms and conditions the student must agree to register for the activity.

Managing Registrations

Once your site begins taking registrations you will receive an email notification each time a registration is submitted. 

You can also view the registrations for a specific activity by clicking 'Edit' for the activity and a list of registrations are listed below the edit fields. 

You can also click the 'Export Registrations' button to download a .csv spreadsheet of the current registrations.

Updated on: 01/06/2021

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