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Voting Module

In SchoolPoint there is a module for being able to vote online. It was initially created for staff to be able to vote on topics such as Head Students.
You can enable this module under Settings > Modules > enable Voting. This module is included in your existing suite of SchoolPoint Tools.

You can also customise the label for the Voting Module in Settings > Customisable Labels

Current Voting Ballots

When you set up a new ballot, you can choose who is eligible to vote from staff members or students by year level, or both. Also set how many votes each person can cast.

Step 1: Voting > Voting Settings

Set up your categories for voting here, and what you want them to be called:

Voting Settings - Set up Categories

Step 2: New Ballot

Here you can name your ballot and set the starting times/ dates to open the voting. You can then also choose who is eligible to vote here- staff members/ students by year level or both. Click Save.

Step 3: Navigate to Students and select the students you want to include in the ballot- these are the students others can vote for. This can be done by year level or by specific students. You can also exclude certain students here.

Set up your ballot details

Once a ballot is set up, the applicable students will be able to see the Voting module when they sign into SchoolPoint. If they are signing in via the SchoolBridge dashboard, an staff member with administration permissions will need to set up a dashboard link under Student View for the student to click through to cast their vote.

Administrators need to add icon for student access

Add Voting to the dashboard for students to access via SchoolBridge

If your students are logging in via SchoolPoint, they will see the Voting module down the side menu of their screen once they have been assigned the right to cast a vote.

SchoolPoint Student View

As a staff member with the permissions, you can export results and see them in different graphs.

Voting Results/ Export

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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