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Useful Information Pages

Setting up Useful Information Pages

These are information pages which you can create and customise yourself to allow students and caregivers to use to help them navigate SchoolPoint. Especially good when showing students how to select courses, or advising when course selection is opening and closing, and also when it is time to book a conference/ SAC interview.

Go to the main left menu => Useful Information => Create new page.

You can edit pages at anytime via "Manage Pages", and edit each page.

If you want to make a certain page the home page upon log in, under "Edit" click the "Logged-in homepage" check box. See example below.

You can set sub menus, and choose what page you want for the non logged in public view to display, or the students to see upon log in. Just drag and drop the page you want to be the first the public see:

Admin view-  Useful Information

Student View- Logged in Home Page

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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