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Troubleshooting- Staff can't Log In/ No account found

A Staff Member Can’t Login:

Staff members should now be using their Google or Microsoft accounts to log in to SchoolPoint/ Bridge- depending on what their school uses.

If staff login fails, contact your key contact/ admin person in the first instance

Failing that - you will need to check the overall KAMAR sync within SchoolPoint, to check if it is up to date. Settings => KAMAR Sync Settings. This will advise when the sync last ran or if it is running currently.
See screenshot:

KAMAR Sync Status in SchoolPoint

If the sync is not running, log in to your KAMAR > Setup > Server > Directory Services, check the SchoolPoint box (it may have a red exclamation mark beside it) then click Check and Enable, and RUN Now to start the sync back through to SchoolPoint.

Staff Sync Run - No Staff Member Imported.

If you have run the Staff Sync, and new or existing staff members do not show in the** MANAGE USERS** list, first check the INACTIVE USERS screen and if they show there, they have been archived (possibly left?) Advise us and we can restore them for you.

If they don’t show there either, check in KAMAR, in ADMIN > USERS > STAFF MEMBER, that they have an email entered in the SCHOOL EMAIL field. (NOT a light grey autocalculated email). 

If staff have changed their code in KAMAR please see THIS Help Guide.

No Account Found In SchoolPoint or SchoolBridge

If your staff are not able to log in and are getting a pop up which reads "No Account Found" in SchoolPoint or SchoolBridge, then please ensure that under their details in KAMAR, the box "Include in Directory Services" is checked! Also, that their school registered email address in KAMAR matches the email address they are attempting to sign in with.

Directory Services- include for staff sync

Administrators will then need to assign permissions for SchoolBridge and SchoolPoint within SchoolPoint - a New Staff member has no permissions by default, unless a "defualt permission group" is set up to assign to all new staff automatically.

Users > Staff Users > Bulk Check and assign to a permission group
Users > Permission Groups

Updated on: 19/06/2024

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