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Testing Sign/ Log in as Caregivers/ Students - via Admin

When you are setting up SchoolPoint and/ or SchoolBridge, you may want to see what the caregiver or the student sees when they log in. This is useful for all areas, especially conferences and to confirm what the landing pages look like for both parties. You do not need the student or caregiver's password if you have the correct permissions to "Search Students" and log in as them.

NOTE: Even if you do not have a SchoolBridge Subscription, ALL school staff/ students and caregivers will be automatically logged in to the SchoolBridge Dashboard first. The tiles/icons on the SchoolBridge Dashboard will then allow access through to SchoolPoint and its features.

Firstly it is important to set up your Caregiver and Student dashboards to ensure they display the correct icons/ tiles that you want both students / caregivers to access. These can differ on the SchoolBridge dashboard.

If you are testing conferences, make sure these are set to "proofing" so you will see the conference as a logged-in admin. Likewise, if you are testing course selection, you need to ensure the ability to "Allow Students/ caregivers to login" or "Allow Browsing of learning areas and courses without logging in" is checked. If course selection is disabled, it will advise this on login. You need to enable it by the year level you are testing, in order to see exactly what the students or caregivers will see.

Settings > General Settings > Allow browsing learning areas and courses without Logging in
Student Conferences > Manage current conference > Set to Proofing

Search up the student under Search Students.

Search Student

Log in as student

To log in as a caregiver and see what they see, follow the search student instructions above, and then scroll down to the caregiver information. Click the LOGIN button on the right hand side of one of the caregivers, and choose the same as above- either login to SchoolBridge Dashboard or SchoolPoint:

Log in as Caregiver

Updated on: 19/06/2024

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