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TECH Set up for Google Meet Conferences/ Assessment Calendar, and Google Classroom synchronisation

If you want to use the SchoolPoint Google Meet Integration for our Parent Teacher Conferences, or sync your Google Classroom posts to our Assessment Calendar, you will need to add the following Domain Wide Delegation for your Staff Accounts.

Google Support References:
The following article provides information about Domain Wide Delegation.
All data we retrieve from your Google Services are processed securely and any information stored adheres to our Privacy Policies that can be found on our website.

Google Admin Console: Domain-wide Delegation

Client ID:

For all scopes listed below, you will need to us the following Client ID (Copy the number only):


{"client_id": "114681855848327765586"}

Conferences - Google Meet
If you want to host virtual conferences using our Google Meet Integration please add the following scope using our ClientID Provided above.
This will allow SchoolPoint to automatically create a secure Google Meet between the Staff member, the Student and the Caregiver(s) who make the booking.
The staff member will be the owner of all of their Meetings, and the Student and Caregiver will need to be accepted in to each meet.

Staff emails in KAMAR must be entered in the School Email field for this to connect to their google meet.
If your primary google email domain is different to your display domain, please register that with us by emailing

Add the following Scope:

Note: Due to Googles Policy on Education Accounts, the Student/Caregiver joining the Meet will need to be logged into an Google Account, A school or Personal account is acceptable.

Assessment Calendar - Google Classroom Course Work
Our Assessment Calendar can be setup to pull tagged posts from Google Classroom Course Work posts. Staff will need to connect their TimeTabled courses in SchoolPoint to the correct Google Classrooms for this to work, and your School can setup the tags in the Assessment Calendar Settings.

Add the following Scopes:

These will pull new posts overnight for connected accounts.

Updated on: 11/09/2023

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