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Sync Staff to SchoolPoint/ Bridge from KAMAR

Staff Sync to SchoolPoint / Schoolbridge

SchoolPoint can sync staff user accounts from KAMAR to create or update existing user accounts. As long as your KAMAR Directory Services are set up correctly, we now sync data from KAMAR to SchoolPoint and SchoolBridge (if your school is subscribed) as changes are made.
Check you Directory Sync is set up correctly HERE

Staff MUST have their valid school email address in the 'school email' field in KAMAR- see more details below. This can't be greyed out it must be typed in.
New Staff are imported to SchoolPoint / SchoolBridge with NO Permissions and thus NO access to those services. See our new help guide to assign default group permissions HERE

View KAMAR Sync History

This is useful for viewing when the sync last happened and what type of data is coming through, to ensure it is up to date.

Navigate to Users in left menu > KAMAR Staff Sync

Once imported to SchoolPoint / SchoolBridge with valid email and password, Administrators must give Permissions to the Staff member in SchoolPoint/ SchoolBridge. We do not automatically allocate permissions as we can not assume which users you would like in SchoolPoint/ SchoolBridge or which permissions they get. Again, see the above guide on Default Permissions to allow staff to have some permissions on import to SchoolPoint / SchoolBridge without manually assigning these.

You can edit each user to assign permissions or use the Bulk Assign feature in the Manage Users area to edit multiple users at once.

How to check if a Staff Member is in SchoolPoint

SchoolPoint > Users > KAMAR Staff Sync > Search staff member
If the staff member appears in this list and shows "No School Email entered in KAMAR" in red as per screen shot, then they will not sync across into SchoolPoint, therefore will not be able to log into SchoolPoint. You will also not find them under the Staff Users area either. In that case, you will need to go back to KAMAR => update the email address AND ensure they have a valid password in KAMAR. The automatic sync should take around 15 minutes or so.

KAMAR Staff Sync

NOTE: You will need to allocate PERMISSIONS within SchoolPoint/ SchoolBridge (if you are subscribed) or your staff will not be able to access / log into those services. They have no permissions by default. There is the option for all new users to go into a default permission group however, if you have set this up.

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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