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Student Flags - All about them

Student Flags are a useful way of noting important information on the student's profile. These can also show things like "late passes" or gym memberships for the student to display and show on via their ID cards.

Set up your flag colours and codes via SchoolPoint > Settings > Student Flags

Student Flag- Set up

Search Student and +Add the appropriate flag from your pre-made options:

Add Flag to student

You can remove the flag anytime you wish, or click the date to update/ change the date of expiry of the Flag.

Remove/ Edit dates / Types of Flags

You can also view/ edit the student flags under Search Student > Student Flags across the top:

Student Flags- Admin View

If your school is subscribed to SchoolBridge, you can also add these flags to the student ID card, and allow the student to show them via their device:

SchoolBridge Settings - Display Student ID card options

The student's view of the ID card and their flags will display like this:

Student ID card- Front

Student ID card- Flags view- click to expand on

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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