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Student Conference Statistics- How to understand them

What the numbers and percentages actually show

SchoolPoint shows a whole range of statistics on the "View Conference Details" page.

Total Bookings: the total number of bookings made within the conference. This includes multiple bookings made for the same students.
Students with Bookings: How many individual students have booked (regardless of how many they each have)
Available Staff: The number of staff members available in the conference

Percentage Male: How many of the "students with bookings" are Male
Percentage Female: How many of the "students with bookings" are Female

Percentage Attended and Didn't Attend: shows how many students in the conference did or did not attend, once they have been marked as attended or not upon completion of the conference.
Percentage Not Set: Students which have not yet been marked yet as Attended or Didn't Attend.

Ethnicity percentages: Students who have made bookings- so out of the total "students with bookings" number, each percentage shows which ethnicity they fall under.

Percentage by Year Level: The percentage of total students in that year level which are included in the conference with bookings
The figure in the brackets is the total number of students with a booking (counting one booking)

Click the small question mark beside the wording to see a list of the names of students who have booked, and time/ date the booking was made.

Conference Statistics

Updated on: 11/09/2023

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