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Setting up a Student Voice Survey

From the SchoolPoint Dashboard, Click on STUDENT VOICE in the left menu of icons. 

To make a new survey for Staff OR Students, click on the NEW SURVEY button in the left menu. 

Survey Name:

This is the name Students will see and refer to this survey by, Please make this a useful informative name, a good example is: “Biology 101, Frog Dissection follow up”, if you have duplicated an existing survey, it is important to check and update this title.

A poor example could be “Bio survey”.

Survey Owners:

Optional: By Selection other staff members, they will have access to view and edit this survey before it is published, and once published, they will be able to see the students assigned and generate reports from that survey. 

If you do not select any other owners, or other non-owners will be able to see your survey questions and duplicate the survey, but not see any students or reports.

Close Date:

Once published, a survey will remain open for students to complete until you manually close it (or the end of the year).

If you select a date by clicking into the field and using the calendar popup, the survey will close at the end of the day selected. 

Adding Text Descriptions and Questions:

You can add text blocks and headings at any point in your survey. Each section should start with a Title, and can also contain a description. 


Free Text Questions:

A free text question type will show the student an empty text box where they can write their answer, each answer can be no more than 600 characters. 

Text questions are not as useful as other question types for reporting. 

A question can contain basic formatting and images. It can also be marked as a required question. 

Once you have finished adding your first question, you can click the “+ ADD QUESTION” button at the top of the screen, or DUPLICATE the current question.

Duplicate Next will copy the question and insert it directly below the current question

Duplicate Last will copy the question and put it at the bottom of the survey after all other questions

Scale Question Type:

A scale allow you to pick a left and right value, then the students will be able to rank how they align with the question. There are 4 values the student can select. 

Checklist Question Type:

This question type allows students to select as many answers as they wish;

Multichoice Question Type:

This question type allows students to select one answer from a select list.

Re-ordering Question:

If you click the RE-ORDER MODE button, the view will change and you will be able to drag and drop the order of you questions. 

Click the button again to continue editing. 


Click “NEXT” to save your survey, you can come back and edit it as often as required before publishing it. 

This will take you to a summary screen showing the survey as Students will see it. 

You can scroll down to select which students this will show for, or click the EDIT button to continue editing it. 

Assigning Students:

You can pick from the filters to select students based on: 

Year Level

Tutor Class

Subject Class


Searching students allows you to pick students that don’t fit in a subject group, eg: International Students or a mentoring group.

Once you have selected students, you can click the SHOW SELECTED STUDENTS button to preview the student list. 

Click NEXT to see your survey before publishing it. 

Survey Reports:

On this screen you will be able to pushish the survey while it is pending, then close it once you have published it. 

You will also see a summary of the students and if they have answered any question. 

Publishing the Survey:

If you click Publish, the survey will show for students right away.

If you click Publish and Email, you can customise a message that will be emailed to the students school email address and the survey will show for students right away.

They can follow a link in the email to login and see the survey. 


Updated on: 07/09/2023

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