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SchoolSend - Sharing your recently sent newsletter

Congratulations! You've sent your newsletter...

Now you can easily share your SchoolSend Newsletter via the SchoolBridge app, the SchoolBridge Newsletters, social media or on your website.
Once your newsletter has sent you will see an eyeball icon beside it. Clicking the eye will open a preview popup so you can see what it looks like.

If you 'right-click' the icon, a menu will show and it will contain an item named similar to '**Copy Link Location**' or '**Copy Link Address**' (Depending on your browser).

This will be the link to your newsletter, open a new tab, paste it in and it will load your newsletter - this is the link you can share.
An example link format should look like this:

Copy the link

Adding to your website:

If you have a SchoolSite website, this can happen automatically - Talk to Inbox Design about our School Website Design process.

Sending a SchoolBridge App Notification:

Login to your SchoolBridge dashboard, and click the 'Alert Messages' icon. Type in your Title, Message and paste your link into the field.
Select your caregivers and staff and send.

Sending a Push Notification

Updated on: 11/02/2024

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