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SchoolSend List Management

SchoolSend is our Newsletter Campaign software.
This allows you to send great, branded emails our to your community from our fast and easy to use web interface.

You can learn more about the editor in this help article SchoolSend Editor

One of the key features is our automatic list management for Staff, Students and Caregivers.

How it works

Using our Directory Services service, we capture information from KAMAR to be used in our app's such as SchoolPoint and SchoolBridge.
Each night, we process this data and push active Students, Staff and Caregivers in to separate lists for you to communicate with.

We will get information for a family and student as soon as they're entered in to your main KAMAR database and keep receiving data for them until 21 days after they have been marked as left.
After that date, we will no longer update their information, they can choose to unsubscribe themselves, or you can have a clean out of your lists.

How to login:

You will see your sending interface in your Inbox Design website Administration under the Newsletters with SchoolSend navigation item.
For full reports and list management, use this login - Login with the information provided to you or your KAMAR login.

Managing your Lists

We will automatically create 4 lists for you. You can create any number of additional lists, this can be useful for test lists, BoT, External Contacts or Sponsors.
Your Lists Screen

You can see in the above screenshot, 5 lists.
Click on a list name to see more information, subscriber details and segments.
You can also see campaign details for each subscriber or add and remove subscribers from here.
Note: Any changes you make to our automated lists may be overwritten if the contact is still active at school

Understanding the Columns

ID: List ID - for reference only.
List: The first Column is the List Name, you can add or edit this as much as you like.
Active: This is the count of active subscribers, this excluded unsubscribed or bounced contacts
Auto Sync: A blue icon means we maintain this list, you can click it to clean-flush your list.
Segs: Segments or filters in your list, eg, you can send emails to all caregivers with a year 11 student.
ARs: Auto Responders - if you have custom sign up forms, you can control the welcome emails new subscribers will receive.
Unsubscribed: How many people on each list that have unsubscribed. Note - on our automatic lists, we re-subscribe all active contacts each night.
Bounced: This shows email addresses that are no longer valid. You can use this to export and update your other contacts lists.

We recommend cleaning out your list at least once per year for left students/caregivers no longer needing to receive your communication

Cleaning out an automatically synced list.

This is an optional process, some schools will leave caregivers on their lists even after their students have left the school, so they can stay in contact and up to date with what is happening in the school community. Other caregivers will become upset by receiving emails that day after their children have left.

While a student/caregiver is active at school, we will keep them subscribed - as as part of your enrolment policies, they must be receiving official school communications.
Once they leave, they are free to unsubscribe themselves, or you can click this icon to refresh the list.
Note: This can take a few moments on large lists to flush out and resubscribe a full list.

Follow the prompt to resync your list

Resyncing your list segments

Segments or filters update when we sync your data, If you click into the list, then segments you will see the count of subscribers in each segment.
You can click the Refresh icon for each segment to update it.
The count will be all active subscribers in that segment ** See below about end of year roll over if you think these numbers are incorrect.

Segment Information

Starting off a new year with current students

SchoolSend does not clear out your lists automatically at the end of each school year. This means that you will have inflated list numbers that include left students, staff and caregivers from the previous year.
You can request that we clear your list out, which will remove all left caregivers and students for a one-off cost of $100+GST.

If you leave your lists to roll over each year, once a caregiver does not have any enrolled students they can unsubscribe themselves from your lists.

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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