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SchoolPoint Dashboards- Managing and Editing

Managing Dashboards within SchoolPoint

When you previously logged in to SchoolPoint you would have used as a staff member/ administrator- If you just had SchoolPoint.
As we are slowly combining the layout of SchoolPoint and SchoolBridge, you will now log in via You will be taken to the SchoolBridge screen of icons regardless of having a subscription to SchoolBridge or not.
You will use an icon on the SchoolBridge dashboard which takes you through to SchoolPoint. Here you will see this screen of icons on the landing page and corresponding menu items down the left hand side. It will depend on your permissions as to which icons/ tiles you will be able to see on your SchoolPoint dashboard.

Initial Sign In Screen via or

Initial SchoolBridge Dashboard on Sign In

SchoolPoint Dashboard (Logged in full admin)

Reorder/ Personalise your SchoolPoint Dashboard Icons

Once you are on the landing/ home page, click up the top right hand side on your name, and then "My Account"

My Account- to check details and re-order the icons

Here, you can choose your visual display, such as a pop out menu, or always show the left hand menu. To the right, is "Navigation", where you can drag and drop the order of your left side menu icons so the ones you use most often could be at the top of the left menu.


SchoolBridge Staff / Caregiver/ Student Dashboard

When you initially log in to the SchoolBridge Dashboard, you will go in via as a staff member/ administrator. As a full administrator, you will define what icons/ tiles staff/ caregivers and students see when they also access the dashboard the same way. If you are not a full admin, it will depend on your permissions as to what icons/ tiles you will be able to see on your dashboard.

SchoolBridge Staff Dashboard (Full admin- Manage Home Page)

Once logged in, as a full administrator, you can Click on "Manage Home Page" and edit the icons/tiles the Staff, Caregivers and Students can see and access.
Note: If you do not have a SchoolBridge subscription, the dashboard icons will be limited to SchoolPoint icons/ Tiles and subsequent dropdown within. If you do have SchoolBridge, the icons and links are more vast and varied- there are a lot more options which can be added.

Edit content of each Dashboard here

Under the SchoolBridge Settings above (only accessible via full admin log in) you can control:
App Settings: whether to display the calendar on the app, or notices and news on the app. Choose how many notifications and events will display for each audience.
Appearance of SchoolBridge- your school colours/ logos and how they display (we will add these initially for you to choose from)
Absence Reports- What options display for caregivers, reply emails, and other options
Permission slip settings/ staff forms/ student form settings
Links- control where the redirect/ sign out URL links to etc, and the KAMAR portal URL
Calendar labels- set up and customise event colours
Choose to have Google calendar and feed display
Ka Pai Rewards settings / notifications
KAMAR Portal custom page and technical information for your IT
AoV Report settings
Reimbursement settings
Staff Permissions

NOTE: you need to have a SchoolBridge Subscription to be able to access and control the SchoolBridge Dashboard Settings

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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