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SchoolPoint Careers Module- Overview of Staff View

Within SchoolPoint we have a module called Careers. This is an add on to the regular SchoolPoint modules, but works well along side them for your student's career planning pathway.

When you click on the Careers Module as a logged in admin, you will find the menu for the careers as follows:

Careers Summary
This dashboard will show any Halls of Residence Applications which have been submitted, interview requests from students for career interviews and new messages sent by your students to you. If there are any upcoming student interviews they will display on this summary dashboard. You can see at a glance how many students have done career research and which careers they have favourited. Any careers events will display here also.

Careers Summary

Careers Planning Forms
You can create forms here for several purposes as they are very customisable. Staff often use these for career counselling meetings, or student surveys to track their goals for the year.

Job Information
This is updated directly from the Careers NZ website regularly when changes are made at their end. Our platform pulls the job information and data through for millions of careers in NZ, in alphabetical order.

Career Research
Here you can search jobs, see a list of the most popular jobs favourited at your school, as well as all schools. Once you have search a job, you can manually search for students to add/ delete out of the job selection via this admin side. You can also message the students within each of the careers research groups.

Job Qualities and Skills
Here you can enable/ disable job qualities you want your students to be able to select from. Once students have selected from these, they will be presented with jobs relevant to those qualities.

Student Career Interviews
This will show a calendar to the logged in staff member where they can add times that students can chose to book a time with them to discuss anything careers related. Alerts when bookings made will arrive to the staff member via email to accept these. Follow up reminders can be set.

Upcoming Careers Events
Here you can create events, such as you may be holding a careers evening, or there may be an open day at a university that you want your students to be able to attend. If it is not a generic public event, then you can choose from KAMAR groups or classes, or assign individual students to the event for it to appear on their school assessment calendar.

Student Career Groups
You can add groups of students here from KAMAR groups. This is helpful if any events etc are on that may suit the student career group in particular and you want to bulk message the students about it.

Student Referee Forms
Here you can create custom forms which are great for your students to use as referees when applying to get into a university or polytech. The students need to note down teachers who who they wish to give them a reference before applying.

Halls of Residence Applications
Students can apply using the Halls of Residence option. this will list in the admin who has applied and the staff they have selected as referees.

Leaving Intentions Summary
This is a dashboard summary displaying the student numbers leaving, returning and if leaving- where they are heading off to. Here you can export the data also. Set the leaving intention data in the leaving intentions settings page below.

Left/ Leaving Students Follow up
Here you can message or view the career profile by student and view other important information.

Student Skills Filter- Career Research
Search students by strengths, skills, qualities, interests and values.

Career Plan questions and Manage skills are all set up here in the admin for the students to answer depending on what you are trying to obtain or achieve.

Career and Stream Settings can be changed here, similarly to the career plan questions.

Updated on: 11/09/2023

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