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Moderation List- Search and Create/ Moderation Cover Sheets

Click the Moderation from left nav bar to enter the moderation section. 

SchoolPoint will list your newest 100 moderation records for your school.

You can preview and export each moderation result, which will contain the random 12 students’ information.

Search Moderation:

Use the Search to input a standard number eg 90944 in text field and click “Search”. SchoolPoint will display standard information on the page and list all student moderation information for this standard.

If there is no existing moderation record for this standard in the current year, SchoolPoint will make a new moderation record with 12 random students, teacher information, and subject information in an export format that can be provided to NZQA directly.

Moderation Cover Sheets
All HODs and TiC teachers must moderate their Internal Standards and they need to complete an Internal Moderation Cover Sheet. This is normally found on the NZQA website.
However, to make life simpler, we have now created the ability to complete/ submit to DP and Print / Export the cover sheets via our Moderation Tool in SchoolPoint.
Each department can create a new sheet for each standard.

Simply click on Moderation in the left menu, then Search the Standard Number. Click on the button "Cover Sheet" which will open the cover sheet and allow you to complete all fields- mostly check boxes/ drop downs. You can the submit this to the DP/ higher authority, Print or Export the cover sheet.

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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