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Missing Staff, Missing Students? Check 'Include in KAMAR Directory Services'

If you are missing a student or staff memeber in SchoolBridge or SchoolPoint, check that they are included in Directory Services

Both Student and Staff users in KAMAR must have this option tick in order for their information to be shared with SchoolBridge & SchoolPoint

The staff setting is found in Setup => Users => Access

Staff Setting: Make sure this option is ticked

The student setting is found in Student => Details => Internet and you must be in "Panels" mode and "Edit" mode to access the setting. Also note that this setting prevents the student's info as well as the caregiver data from being included in the sync.

Student Setting

Also check that the student has been assigned to a "school". Sometimes this is missed when first entering a student into KAMAR. The setting in found under Students => Details => Enrolment

Make sure the student is assigned to a school

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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