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Learning Area Rules/ Prerequisites/ Restrictions /Compulsory Courses- All about them

With our SchoolPoint Course Selection tools, you can set rules around your learning areas and courses. This allows students to be required to perhaps take a certain number of courses within a particular learning area, or be required to have to be doing a certain course/ courses before picking a certain course for the following year.

You are able to make certain courses compulsory for certain year levels also. These will go directly into the students' course selection options and not be moveable or prioritisable by them, and they will also be included in the total number of courses they have to select from.
NOTE: It is very important to ensure the compulsory courses and all rules are set up correctly BEFORE allowing your students to log in select their courses.

See below for examples:

Learning Area Rules

Here you can set per year level, the minimum and maximum number of courses selectable for that learning area. You might have a learning area called Science, and within that learning area, have 4 Science courses- Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physiology. You may want your current year 12s to have to pick a minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 courses from these four in this learning area:

Set minimums and maximums on Learning Areas per year level.

Compulsory/ Required Courses

Within Edit Course, you can make a whole course required or compulsory for a whole year level by selecting the appropriate field as per the example below.

Requirements/ Prerequisites/ Compulsory for all year levels

Course Restrictions

In the same area as above, you can choose to set other restrictions for your students. It may be that if they are taking a certain course this year, they won't be able to select a certain course next year, or vice versa. There is the ability to select courses that have a requirement when taking to override current rules and manually choose the course. You can also choose to require students to add notes when selecting courses, or not.
Under Edit Course, you can choose to allow it to be selectable only by those students who have done the prerequisite for the course. For example, a student wanting to do Year 11 English, may have needed to do 10 English (10ENG). You can have multiple courses in the "Current Course list" box and they only need to be doing ONE of these to be able to select the course.

Course Restrictions

Note: If the student wants to do this course for a particular reason, but they do not meet the prerequisite requirement, it will show them a message advising they do not meet the requirements to be able to select the course, however, they can go and request and exemption to get into this course (See Exemptions- All about them).
| || TIP: Admin users have the ability to add students directly into courses which will directly bypass the rules.

Updated on: 11/09/2023

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