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HoD /Staff/ Caregiver Approval/ Bulk / Removing Students within Courses

There is an option for HoDs/Staff to APPROVE student selections inside each course/ subject. Some schools like to use this function to allow the HoD to make the final decision on whether a student should be allowed to take a course. The permission needed to allow the staff member to action these approvals is "MOVE students from their selected course" under Course Selection in the permission groups. Most HoDs/ HoLAs will already have this permission to be able to do most actions within SchoolPoint.

You can also set this approval function when editing/ setting up each course, if you want it to be able to be approved or not here:

HoD/ Staff Approval Options

HoD/ Staff Approval here

The reason behind this process is that some HoDs may not have the permission to search students, and are hence not able to remove or change student selections via the Admin View of each student

Please note that at this current time the other drop down options "Add to Group" and "Message" do not work as they are there for the Careers Module which is still in development stage.

Courses/Subjects => List course details / Find course => Edit course => Manage Students

If you want to move the student into a different course, you will simply click the "CHANGE COURSE" button which will allow you to select another course to move them to. You will need to enter a compulsory note for the student, explaining why you have moved them. when the student nexts logs on they will see your note, and also see they have been removed and added into another course. If the student clicks on the course it will advise them they have had it removed form their selections by their teachers.

MOVE student from a course- within the course

If you want to remove the student all together, then just click REMOVE- the same note principal applies.

REMOVE student from a course

Requiring Caregiver Approval for Course Selection

This is set up in the Settings => Course Selection Settings:

Caregiver Approval/ Caregiver Notes Option

This will then show under the "Manage Students" area of a course, if selected as pre-approved pr Approval Required:

Caregiver Approval- Manage Students within a Course

Caregivers can also then choose to add a note to the course if you allow them to:

Caregiver Note Entry

Bulk Approval/ Remove Selected Students from a Course:

Go to the course => Manage Students

If you want to approve multiple students, hold down the SHIFT key and tick the box on the left of the student's name. You can then go up to the "BULK ACTIONS" button and select Toggle Approval. You an also toggle to cancel the approval status.
Likewise, if the HoD does not feel a student is fit for a course, they can then still move the student to another course, or remove altogether.

BULK actions within a course

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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