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📧 Email Summary for Tutor Teachers

This image shows a typical email that Tutor teachers will get if you have enabled the email summariers in the SETTINGS => COURSE SELECTION area.

Setting for Daily Summary Emails for Staff (Tutor Teachers)

An email will only be sent to a tutor teacher if:
This setting is set to YES
Subject changes have been made by students in the 24 hours prior to 6am
The Tutor teacher has a valid email address against their user account in KAMAR (and SchoolPoint)
This email is similar to the Exemptions emails teachers will receive.

Emails are sent at 6am each morning - Monday - Sunday.
The email contains the changes made during that period with a link/button to download a complete spreadhseet for their tutor class with all selections.
The email is branded to match your School/SchoolPoint colours with your school crest.

An email will also be sent to teacher for the following reasons:
Any Halls of Residence requests for the staff member
STREAM messages for the teacher.
Course Exemption Requests for the Teacher if they are assigned to the subject.

Example Email

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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