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Deleting/ Unlocking/Locking a Course from a Student via Admin

There will be many times where as an Admin, or possibly HoD if you have permissions, that you will need to remove courses, and likewise add or change courses around. One such example would be if the student could not get access to log in and select themselves, or if you are approving an exemption, you may need to go in on behalf of a student to switch out a selected course to make room for the exempted course.

A few things to note with regards to the courses area here:

All courses which are set up as required/ compulsory will come across LOCKED in the student Admin side. This is to stop students from being able to remove them.

These can be removed via the student search- courses by admin users or those with correct permissions.

All courses which are accepted in via EXEMPTION are also LOCKED in by default.


You an choose via the admin to LOCK any course at anytime under the Student themselves.

NOTE: You must refresh the page after the locking/ unlocking/ deleting removed course actions to see the results.

Bulls lock/ Unlock selections

Lock/ unlock/ delete removed course via admin

Take caution when adding courses /accepting exemptions here. Actioning these via the admin will OVER-RIDE ALL RULES set on individual courses and learning areas. If an exemption is accepted- another course will need removing to ensure the right amount of courses have been selected. The total amount of courses will show at the top of the selections on this page however. Again, refresh the page after accepting the exemption to check the total courses picked are correct.

Warnings for accepting exemptions via admin

You can Bulk Unlock/ Lock students under the Manage Course area in each course:

Courses => List Courses By Learning Area=> View Course => Manage Students => Select Students to "Lock" => BULK Actions => Lock or Unlock all Students

Bulk Lock via Course

NOTE: All courses which are set to required/ compulsory will come through automatically LOCKED for students so they can't change them. Likewise, any accepted exemptions approved, will be locked. These may be unlocked via the admin per student.

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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