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Customising Labels and Messages for Student and Staff Views

Labels and Language Settings

Here you can customise the names/ labels that are displayed in the Administration and for Students. These are the labels which your school uses, which students know things by- such as COURSES may be called COURSES by your school, or SUBJECTS, or anything else that is familiar to your school. LEARNING AREAS can be called that, or perhaps you call them DEPARTMENTS, or FACULTIES like wise you may have HoDs or HoFs or HoLAs.

Settings => Labels => Change accordingly

Message Settings

These are customisable messages/ titles/ notices which display to students and caregivers, with regards to course selection. There is enough room in these areas to write more than just a sentence if need be.

Settings => Messages => Change accordingly

Student Navigation Titles

These are also customisable. What you write here is what the student will see when they log in, down the left menu of SchoolPoint.

Settings => Student Navigation => Edit description name.

Customise all SchoolPoint Labels/ Messages

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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