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Create/ Edit/ View Learning Areas- All About them

Steps: Settings > Customise Labels > label your learning area / Department/ faculty according to your school speak
Learning Areas > New Learning Area

NOTE: You will need the correct permissions to add/edit learning areas and access courses within.

Learning Areas are used for Course Selection and Student Voice

A Learning Area will only show for Course selection if there are Courses assigned to it.

Navigate to “LEARNING AREAS” on the left hand side navigation bar.
In this section you can manage/view/edit your Learning Area.
Click on the “+ New Learning Area” tab in the left sub menu, alternatively click the “Add New Learning Area” button in the main content.
Complete the fields
Click “Save”.
This will direct you to your Learning Areas Overview section.

Do not forget to set your Learning Area RULES before opening course selection- minimum and maximum courses within each learning area which can vary and be chosen on a per year level basis. If you require students to take at least ONE course per learning area, this minimum must be set.

Learning Area Rules- Mins and Max courses for each area by year level

In the “Learning Areas Overview” section you can also do the following:

PRINT IN PATHWAY BOOKLET: when you create your Learning Area, it is by default set to print your Learning Area to the pathway booklet. To disable this, click on the green printer icon on the right hand side of the Learning Area you would like to have disabled, this will grey out the icon and disable the print”. To reactivate your “Print”, simply repeat the process.

EDIT YOUR LEARNING AREA: click on “Edit” on the right hand side of the Learning Area you would like to edit, this will direct you to the “Edit” page. Click “Save” once you have made your changes. Here you can also view the “Learning Area” from a public point of view by clicking “Preview” button on the top left hand side.

DELETE YOUR LEARNING AREA: click on “Delete” on the right hand side of the Learning Area you would like to delete, select “Confirm”. This will permanently delete your Learning Area.

VIEW COURSES BY LEARNING AREA: select the “View Courses By Learning Area” tab on the left hand side navigation. Here you can:

MANAGE YOUR EXISTING LEARNING AREAS / COURSES: in this section you will be able to view/edit the list of all your Courses by Learning Areas.

EDIT LEARNING AREA: to edit your “Learning Area”, click on the “edit [course-name]” button ie “Edit English” button on the right hand side of your “Learning Area” that you would like to edit.

CREATE A NEW COURSE FOR YOUR LEARNING AREA: to add a new course, click the “New Course” button on the right hand side of your “Learning Area”, complete fields and “Save”. See further help guide on Creating Courses.

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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