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Careers: Student Leaving Intentions- Customise / Export Data

You can choose if you want your students (by year level) to be able to select their next year intentions.

Settings > Enable / Disable Student Selection (by year level) => Choose by year level if you want students to be default marked as returning, or required to select what they intend on doing next year.
If you have required them to choose, they will be required to before they can select courses when they first log in (this can be reset any time). You can then export this data, and use it for Left students follow up etc. See Below screenshots.

Enable/ Disable Selection- Advise Leaving intentions

Leaving Intention/ Destination Settings / Customisation

If you request your students to select a leaving destination, you can add as many options as you wish. These could be another school/ tertiary provider/ Employment or even more detailed options.
Careers => Leaving Intentions Settings => Add labels and captions for each option type:

Customise Leaving Intentions Settings

Student View on SchoolPoint Log in- required to select leaving destination

You can also manually change a student's "returning status" / Intention via Search Student > Details screen.

Admins can change the Student Intentions anytime

Export / View Next Year's intentions Data

Left/ Leaving Students Follow up options

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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