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Attaching SchoolBridge Forms to Courses in SchoolPoint during Selection

There is now the ability for schools who use both SchoolBridge and SchoolPoint software, to prompt students to complete a separate form, when choosing a particular course for course selection.

See instructions below.

Once your courses are all set up how you want them, and you have created the Student Form you want in SchoolBridge under Permission Slips and Forms, you can navigate to Courses > Course IFTTT (If this, then that)

Create your Student Form here

Create your automation as you require, for example:

Create your automation by course

When your students go in to select this course, they will then be prompted to complete a separate form:

Prompt to start a form on selection

When the student clicks on this form, it will take them to their Student Forms area of SchoolBridge to complete the form (in a separate tab).

Student Form- SchoolBridge

Once the students have completed their student form attached, you can then view within the slip under admin, which students have selected the course, and the status of their form completion:

Student form status

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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