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Student Metrics / Athlete Development Module

This Student Metrics Module is a great way to track your student's athletic progress and send details to external coaches etc. This is a paid extra add on in SchoolBridge and is currently $500 a year (charged monthly). Contact Inbox Design if you wish to have a browse through this module or add this on to your monthly subscriptions.


Staff will need the Permission " Manage Student Metrics"
Log in to SchoolBridge > Settings > Permission Groups > Assign the group or staff member the permission

Student Metrics Permission

Create your Metrics under SchoolBridge > Settings > Student Metrics (left menu) > Create Metric
You can label he Metric anything that you wish, choose display order and also whether students can edit or not. Add your description in here also and save.

Create Student Metric

If you are an admin, you can add a tile/icon on the Dashboard for Staff / Students/ caregivers access to view/ edit the information (depending on their permissions)
Different schools use this module for different measures, but commonly it is named Athlete Development / Performance Program.

Dashboard Tile/ Icon

Once your metrics are set up, you can choose a group from KAMAR and also a Metric to measure against easily.

Compare data and students in KAMAR groups

You can also click on the reporting tab to choose a group / metric and year assessed for report results

Student Metric Group reporting

You can click on a Student name/ ID and you will be taken to a details screen for that student. This will show the student's metrics you have entered them against. It will display and compare their results for each metric so your staff and also the students if you allow it, can track and add to their progress.

Student Profile View of Metrics

Student View

If you allow, your students can also view their progress on each metric via their SchoolBridge dashboard tile you would have added for them. Here is an example:

Student View of Metrics assessed

Updated on: 09/04/2024

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