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REAPIT Adult and Community Booking System

Inbox Design has an online course & activity booking system that is used by Schools, Adult Community Organisations and REAP's across New Zealand.
The system allows visitors to browse, book and pay for courses online.

We have an Integration with REAP IT - a National REAP database.

This allows courses or activities to be imported from REAPIT into our Booking system, contacts to be matched or synced from our system into the REAPIT database.

Setting up:

Contact us to set up the Booking system, or the connection to the REAPIT database. This is a paid extra.

Syncing Courses/Activities from REAPIT:

When you want to add courses from REAP IT you need to have the following options setup in your copy of the REAP Database.
We strongly recommend creating your courses in REAPIT, then importing into our system, we do not recommend making them separately and trying to link them later.
Note: You must have full permissions in the REAP IT database to enable these settings.
main menupreferencesAllow Web Publishing
activitieswebpublish to web

REAPIT: Activity - Detail screen.

This is only available IF the following criteria are met:
the activity is an Enrolled activity (i.e. not a group activity)
You have turned on the preferences flag above
The activity status is Approved
if the above conditions are not all met, then the option will show in light grey:

In your SchoolSite administration, you can go to Community EducationCoursesImport from REAPIT

This will show all Published activities from REAPIT.

Syncing Contacts

When viewing a booking in your SchoolSite Administration, you can sync contacts back into your REAPIT database.
The course must be linked to a REAPIT activity first.

It will then search on exiting contacts or allow you to create new contact.

Linking Enrolments

When viewing a booking where both the Contact is linked to REAPIT and the Course is linked, you can create the Activity Enrolment link in REAPIT.
There will be a Green button that shows "Link to REAPIT".
Click this once and the system will make the connection.

In REAPIT, you can then view the Activity and click the Enrolments tab to see that contact linked.

Syncing Courses

When Editing a course in your website administration, You will see two REAP IT fields.
If either of these are empty, click the Update link from REAPIT button.
This will try and match the Activity in REAPIT against this based on the Course Code, and Course Name.
If you correctly imported this as a new activity from REAPIT, you should never need to re-link your course.

Common Errors:

No Activities found Please check that your have clicked the Publish flag on active Activities
No Contacts found Our lookup uses the last name and email address, you can edit the record to match your existing database or create a new contact.
No Database connection We could not connect to he REAPIT database - try again later or contact us for support.

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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