FAQs- SchoolPoint and SchoolBridge

Google Conferences: Some teachers bookings don't generate a Google Meet Link.

Error: invalid_grant
Invalid email or User ID
This booking will not have a valid google meet link. Delete it and try again.

Answer: IF the school Email in KAMAR doesn't match the Google Apps email, then it won't be able to connect to make the booking. Change the email to match in KAMAR, resync, and delete and read the bookings.

Left Students
How long will students sync through to SchoolBridge and SchoolPoint for?

SchoolBridge holds the data in our system for 1 year after a staff or student has left. This is the same logic that KAMAR use. Therefore, if you are sending a permission slip for a student who was marked as left less than one year ago in KAMAR, they will still receive this email.

In SchoolPoint, the left student will still come through to for 21 days after the left date is added (KAMAR Logic).

SchoolPoint: Bulk reset all courses to 0% each year?
Courses > List course Details > check the top box, hold down shift and check the bottom box, > Bulk Actions > Select percentage

Where do I make a new course? In KAMAR or SchoolPoint?

The courses are manually created in SchoolPoint and then they are manually synced across to KAMAR once students have pick their courses in SchoolPoint for the correct time tabled year. This creates a grid in KAMAR with the codes.

Can I allow students to pick the same courses, like if they are repeating a year?
Yes, there is a setting for this. Settings > Course Selection > Allow students to reselect courses they are currently timetabled for (repeating classes)

How do I get year 8 pre-enrols to come through to SchoolPoint?
Once a year 8 is added into KAMAR, they will come across to SchoolPoint with the sync. This then allows SchoolPoint to allow year 8's going into year 9 to select courses- once your courses are set up.

Students are not seeing all their required/ compulsory courses when they log in?
Check the set up under Settings > Enable/ Disable Student Selections (by year level) to ensure the required number of courses a year level can select INCLUDES all the compulsory/ required courses, or else it may show some as missing off the list.

Updated on: 26/09/2022

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